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High-Quality Hardware at Affordable Prices in Missouri

When it comes to remodeling your Missouri kitchen, bathroom, or basement, details make all the difference. You can spend days and weeks choosing the right cabinets but put the wrong handles on them and they won’t look right. Or, say you’ve just spent a big part of your budget on new countertops and sinks. If you pick a random faucet, the whole design can fall apart.

Quincy Plumbing & Heating Distribution is a remodeling supply store located in Missouri. We stock a wide range of hardware options for contractors and amateur remodelers across the Tri-State area. Whether you’re looking for the timeless elegance of brass faucets, or the rustic look of cast iron door handles, or anything in between, we are the hardware supply store you’re looking for.

Quincy Plumbing & Heating Distribution: A Hardware Store You Can Depend On

When moved from into our new Quincy Plumbing & Heating Distribution location in 2013, we added over 6,000 new items to our inventory. The idea was simple. Although we started as a plumbing specialty store, we noticed that remodeling contractors and DIY remodelers were going elsewhere to get the hardware they needed to complete their projects. Our solution was to bring everything in-house. And since 2013, we’ve become the region’s one-stop-shop for hardware supplies.

Missouri area remodeling contractors, plumbers, and HVAC specialists trust Quincy Plumbing & Heating Distribution for all their hardware needs. Our professional, helpful, and trustworthy sales associates will be able to assist you in every stage of your project. Need suggestions for materials? Need recommendations for the best brands? Need help getting the right nut, bolt, or fitting?

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Faucets and Drains

What kind of look do you want in your kitchen or bathroom? Do you want an industrial modern faucet? Or a classic brass faucet? It’s up to you. We have enough options to satisfy even the most particular client.

We carry a range of faucets and drains from top brands such as:

  • Delta
  • Moen
  • Matco Norca
  • Central Brass
  • Fernco Products
  • …and more

Cabinetry, Doorknobs, Hooks, and Racks

A remodeling project is a big investment. Whether you’re a contractor doing remodeling for a client, or you’re a go-getter doing your own remodeling, there’s no room for error when selecting materials. Thankfully, we offer a wide range of hardware solutions for any remodeling project.

For example, think about what kind of knobs would work best on the cabinetry you’ve selected. Are you satisfied with what comes as stock? Probably not. Choose from stainless steel, black bronze, golden champagne, satin nickel, gunmetal, or frosted knobs. Don’t settle for second best. Come by the shop, talk to our experts, and get the hardware that will work best for your project.

Family-Owned and Operated

It’s been said that across the country, local hardware stores are disappearing in favor of big, commercial, one-size-fits-all box stores. That might be the case elsewhere, but in Missouri it’s not! We are a family run business that’s dedicated to offering personalized service. Our priority has always been forming long-lasting relationships with local contractors and their clients.

And we hope to create a lasting relationship with you too! Come by the shop and say hello. Or give us a call at (217) 228-6388.